Helping you bring out the best in your child

Parenting Consultancy

As a certified parenting skills facilitator, I work alongside families that need support with some of the most common parenting challenges.  I can teach you a range of easy to follow, communication based strategies to overcome everyday issues, I have used them myself as a nanny and they do work! 

From lack of co-operation and sibling rivalry to big emotions and food battles, I can help you.  Just as we respond to positive behaviour, we need to know how to respond to negative behaviour. There is a direct link between how a child feels and how a child behaves, once we can begin to address the feelings behind the behaviours, these behaviours become less frequent.

Quite often, behaviour challenges are a result of overtiredness. Better sleep leads to better control of emotions, in addition it plays a huge role in child development. If overtiredness is something you feel may be contributing to your child’s behaviours than please do let me know. I can incorporate sleep training in with your package.

Strategies include-:

  • Encouraging co-operation and confidence through descriptive praise
  • Emotion coaching and helping your child to manage their emotions
  • Setting your child up for success by preparing them to do their best
  • Establishing family rules and using rewards effectively
  • Using positive discipline to understand and respond effectively to those misbehaviours

Parenting Packages

Step by step strategies to help you tackle some of the most common parenting challenges.

We can discuss your parenting challenges and find ways to resolve them over one or more sessions. I will share tips on how to manage certain behaviours and together we will explore solutions. All advice is constructive, and I believe that taking a proactive rather than reactive approach is the best way to guarantee results.

Plan only


Comprehensive initial assessment. Bespoke action plan,  face to face online video consultation and recording. Helpful handouts. Additional support can be added.

Two week support


Comprehensive initial assessment. Bespoke action plan, face to face online video consultation and recording, 6 support calls and e mails (within business hours) over 14 days. Helpful handouts.

15% sibling discount (simultaneous coaching)

Daily coaching


Comprehensive initial assessment. Bespoke action plan, face to face online video consultation and recording, daily support calls (within business hours) and emails over 30 days, Helpful  handouts.

25% sibling discount (simultaneous coaching)

Bespoke Package


Following an initial call I will design a bespoke package depending on your requirements. This can include in house support or daily video consultations, where I can gently coach and support you through your bespoke plan. This can include a sibling.

Add on support calls

One Call

One off 20 minute call: £35 

Four Calls

Four 20 minute calls: £120