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Lady Sophie Windsor

A tailor made package

Maude aged 6 years and Isabella aged 3 years

Lucy was a truly brilliant nanny. She was lively, loving, firm, clear and cheerful with our children and they responded very well to her. She gave every hour she worked 100%. She quickly identified areas in need of improvement and suggested and implemented effective solutions. Her sleep training was thorough and thoughtful and individually tailored to each child and it worked perfectly. We still use her methods today and the children miss her. She was a great cook and a delightful addition to our family. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Emma Wood

From only napping on the move to pro napper in her cot!

Rosa aged 5.5 months

We cannot tell you how delighted we are with the sleep training we received from Lucy. Prior to our sessions our daughter Rosa, 5.5 months old, was a good overnight sleeper, down at 7pm, waking for a feed in the night and then waking early around 6am. However her day naps were awful. She would only sleep when in the car or stroller and only for a short duration. Some mornings and afternoons she would be so tired she would get so upset and would inconsolably cry until you took her out of the house. Just a few days into the training Rosa was napping in her cot for her morning nap and then just a few days later she was sleeping in her cot for three naps a day. By the end of the two weeks she was sleeping in the morning for 30-45 mins, a long lunch nap 1.30-2 hrs and a short afternoon nap 30 mins. We cannot stress what a difference this has made to Rosa and us. Rosa is now such a happier baby, she will sit content playing and hardly ever gets grizzly. For us its meant we have times in the day when we can get on with things, which is amazing. Even though Rosa was a good overnight sleeper we also worked on this element to drop the middle of the night feed – a whole nights sleep! We wish we had worked with Lucy earlier, this training is an absolute must for any parent – sleep and a happy baby is priceless!

Juliet Morris

No more midnight visits to parents bed!

Arlo- aged 3.8 yrs

Lucy was amazing! We felt very supported as she guided us through each step of the programme.

She was excellent at personalising the training and we felt she really understood our little boy and our family needs and routines. Our little boy is profoundly deaf, and Lucy was brilliant at taking this in to account and adapting things where necessary. I felt like she was with us every step of the way and she was always there for us to answer any queries and to point us in the right direction.

She was professional and knowledgeable, and made sense of things explaining the science behind it. She was always on time with any arranged phone calls. She was even happy to offer the support calls on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday - which we really appreciated. A big thank you to Lucy for her time and patience!

Lucy always sent a follow up email after each support call which I found really useful as this re-capped everything we had discussed and what we needed to focus on for the next night, offering great guidance.

She was always encouraging, understanding and supportive.

I also found it particularly helpful to hear stories and accounts of other families and scenarios which she had encountered from her experience of working with other children and families.

The timing worked out really well for us, as I was furloughed from work and was therefore able to dedicate the time needed for the sleep training programme, without having to worry about going to work the following day if we had had a bad night. I was so grateful that I had the time to really focus on this and take it seriously so we could get the most out of it.

We've had some amazing results. We very quickly cracked the night time routine, following Lucy's guidance and it was wonderful to have my evenings back again! Since we started the programme our son has not once slept in our bed (one of our main issues prior to starting the training). We still have a few night wakings, but our son is able to quickly settle himself back to sleep and most importantly, he knows to stay in his room.

I would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone looking for some help with parenting and sleep coaching. Lucy rocks!

A massive thank you to Lucy for all her help and support. x

Jo & Dave

After the first couple of days on the new sleep plan, there were no wake ups in the night and a few days later the naps were a breeze!

William aged 15 months

Just over one month ago, we had a whingy 14 month old who fought going down for his naps and woke up in the night (most of the time he would settle himself). To be honest, it didn't seem like we had much of an issue with sleep compared to others, but there had been a change, so it was a problem for us. Then along came Lucy! We had an initial consultation and discussed all the issues, Lucy then came up with a sleep plan. The following two weeks we had regular catch-ups with Lucy to discuss our progress. After the first couple of days on the new sleep plan, there were no wake ups in the night and a few days later the naps were a breeze! Lucy also walked us through the transition from 2 to 1 nap a day and we have got a model student with fantastic results of a now happy 15 month old who smiles as he goes down for his nap and doesn't wake up in the night! Lucy has waved her magic wand! We totally recommend anyone to Lucy for any sleep issues with their child. Thank you Lucy! Mummy and Daddy can now get a full nights sleep too!

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